Idaho Falls Ultimate

2008 Games in Idaho Falls

Below is some more information on games in Idaho Falls. Including some polls to try to determine when lunch times games are viable and when to have a weekly evening game. This past summer was the most active Ultimate year in recent history in Idaho Falls. As many as nine gatherings in one week happened. Idaho Falls (Tony and Boozer) put together a team for scorcher in Boise over Labor Day weekend. The managed to score a point in every game.

Saturday games seem to be done for 2008. But you never know. Best way to here about these games is by emailing Robert Boozer your cell phone number and he'll put you on the Ultimate text message list. email:

If you are into Winter games send a note to Tim, Boozer or Chinh. Lunch time games at Freeman Park will continue.

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2008 Spring Pictures here

What is Ultimate? Its a game played with your friends and a Disc (a.k.a. frisbee). The game is a non-contact game that borrows some of the best aspects of soccer, basketball and American football. Official games have 2 teams with 7 players each. The goal is to complete passes to your teammates to advance the Disc down a field that is similar to an American football field. A point is scored by completing a pass to a member of your team in the endzone. If the offense fails to complete a pass or a pass goes out of bounds the defense immediately becomes the offense and attempts to move the Disc the towards the other endzone. This leads to a very fast paced game that has emphasis on skills of throwing and catching the frisbee. For basics of ultimate see

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Hopefully more to come soon. This site will eventually hold more complete information about ultimate frisbee in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Currently there are several groups known to play in Idaho Falls. A group primarily from Idaho National Laboratory plays the baseball diamond at the corner of Science Center Drive and North Fremont at Freeman Park at lunch time various times during the week. Another group plays some week night and weekend evenings at the football field in Tautphaus Park. In the summers of 2007 and 2008 the groups combined with another group of Bureau of Land Management folks and other Ultimate enthusiasts who waundered by to play on many evenings at Community Park. In 2009 possibly we'll expand on this group. If you are interested in playing regularly, semi-regularly, or even form your own team send a note to the email below. Maybe we can get a small league going. Other news, a group of INL players still play about once a week even during the winter. A consecutive weeks streak has been marred only by the Christmas holiday this year. If you would like to know if a snow game is going send a note to the email below and you will be put on the email list.

To get on the emailing list send a note to

Picture taken by Robert Bower of the Post Register in early 2007. Used with his permission.